So what does the name tee2i mean?

Well it's shorthand for the independence index. This blog takes independence seriously. There's no problem, in principle, with a country being part of a confederation or partnership, the UK is part of NATO. But the EU is a failing confederation and our independence was threatened by membership, so we voted to leave. There's also the independence of thought which must, obviously, lead to free speech. The popularity of cancel culture must be challenged. Also politics is more than about leaning left or rightward on any issue, it's far more subtle than that. It's all down to the quality of life so let's aim high. It's our right to do so.

The Big Dog Story

The big what? Yes you may well ask.

The big dog story!The big dog story!
This is all about the PM who is in a bit of trouble, or perhaps a lot of trouble. We have written at great length about the problems of the Conservative party. But the root of all the troubles for the PM now is Covid which has tested those who would govern us to their limits. Because of this we are supposed to feel sorry for them. No, they wanted the job and they got it. Much of the failure of Government policy on Covid and the failure of parliament to scrutinize this is not down to some awful bad luck but poor judgement. The Conservative party under David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson has been weak and muddled. Throughout this time in office they had opportunity to prepare, but they did not. So, to deal with the current troubles that beset the PM the Downing Street team had a plan. A fight back organised by his loyal staff, the name of this plan was reported as: ‘save big dog’. Although in the best tradition of official denial when asked No10 said they did not, ‘recognise’ this. Well they don’t have to do they? But then any organisation coming up with that name and the other equally naff offering, ‘Operation Red Meat’, should keep a very low profile.

A Tale of Two Leaders

Comparing Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson.

Just an old Prussian tradition Just an old Prussian tradition So it’s auf wiedersehen to Angela Merkel who left office recently, she was Chancellor of Germany for 16 years. Back in 2005 it was a very different world, we had Tony Blair as our PM, in the USA George W Bush was President while Jacques Chirac held that role in France. Even so it’s worth looking at Merkel’s rise and departure and assessing her legacy. The latter is an unhealthy obsession with all leaders now and seems to dominate their time in office. We see this with Johnson on a regular basis during the two years he has been PM. With Merkel now gone from office we shall see if the eulogising of her continues and make no mistake here, for throughout her political life she could rely on a level of praise from the liberal left who adored her that came close to worship. It’s at this point we should note that this did not happen with Johnson, his rise to fame was very different. These people who praised Merkel did so not for what she did but for simply being the Chancellor of Germany. So will we see the adulation give way to a more critical analysis? Yes some people have been critical and their criticism goes back a long way, see HERE and HERE. Generally speaking she got an easy ride but did she deserve it?

The Road to Batley and Spen, (part two).

And thence to the wilderness?

Midshipman Johnson rules the wavesMidshipman Johnson rules the waves

George Orwell was a Socialist and prior to WW2 Socialism was the go-to cult of the more flamboyant section of the middle class. As we have seen the natural tendency of people like Orwell to preach on the subject was much of the reason his publisher did not like the second half of ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’. As Orwell had spent some time at Eton I think we can see the problem from the point of view of the publisher. History shows that on a general level Socialism fell out of favour with much of the population. However, the middle class are known for their determination to save others from themselves. And now the go-to cult for those intent on cutting a dash is ’wokeism’ which is very similar. It relies upon large amounts of money which the practitioners don’t have. Thus they are bound to spend other people’s money to get the desired result. Here we should remind ourselves of the thoughts of Margaret Thatcher, how Socialism eventually fails as you run out of: ‘other people’s money’. That sentiment is generally dated as coming from a TV interview she gave in 1976 and still applies today, though now we have:‘levelling up’. We part dealt with that slogan in the first section of this double post. The Conservative party cling to the notion that this slogan is a winner. What they fail to spot is that it is in the same league as:‘for the many not the few’.

The Road to Batley and Spen, (part one).

And thence to the wilderness?

Wigan pier before levelling upWigan pier before levelling up
Observations of the political scene in two parts, part one.
George Orwell’s ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’ came out in 1937. The publisher thought highly of the first part where Orwell had travelled North to observe what life was like whereas the latter part was all about himself and his publisher had reservations. For this post our observations are not related to a conventional journey, we are looking at a fault line in the Tory party. We are always told how popular the Government is and of its large majority. On the other hand the forces at work here might be not so much about the popularity of one side of a political divide at the last General Election but the unpopularity of the whole of the other side. Also our road to Batley and Spen goes via Chesham and Amersham. Both these recent by-elections represented not so much a win for an opposition party but a loss for the Government. We have written before two articles about the state of the Tories, here and here . In those articles we noted there is a huge difference between the politics of things and the politics of ideas.

In both by- elections it really does look like too much of one and not enough of the other damaged the Government's chances.

Our Andy, making a difference?

Metro Mayor, the layer of government we could do without.

The Metro Mayor has a plan to spend your moneyThe Metro Mayor has a plan to spend your moneyYour chance to make a difference, or is it? Here come the delayed local elections and we look at the contest for the Metro Mayor(MM) for the West Midlands. The story goes back to the Labour government of Tony Blair. For it was they who began the process and legislation for directly elected mayors. However, the idea was not popular and of the regions offered this only around a third voted for it. Originally Birmingham voted against the proposal in 2012. But then with just a minor tweek to the original scheme the MM project was passed into law in 2017 without another referendum. It was possible for the government to get away with this as the minor tweek to the proposal made it seem they were paying attention to the public:’ we hear what you say’. Yes, the situation, the detail, had been changed. Well they would say that! But the over-arching principle of an extra layer of government had been rejected by the previous ballot. So the public were ignored and the government went, so to speak, around the back to get this idea done. Is this important? Yes and could be the root of low voter turnout in the MM elections. To put this episode into perspective we should remember that the government had just ‘lost’ the 2016 Brexit referendum.

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