February 2011

Spin and the MSM

Spinners and Journalists, who depends upon whom?

Son of the Manse and his thugSon of the Manse and his thug
There is always a steady stream of criticism directed towards the MSM, not all is deserved. In the past we have praised Fraser Nelson for his work, but his recent article on Damian McBride was terrible. As a spin doctor McBride will always be measured alongside Alistair Campbell, awkward that. For Campbell was a different sort of person doing a different job. The term spin doctor covers just about anything the person using the term would like it to mean. The job of media manipulation goes back at least to Bernard Ingham who helped Margaret Thatcher get her message across. Or at least that is how these things are explained. However, once you start manipulating, stopping is a hard thing to do and it's not just the message that gets distorted. Never once since the days of Ingham/Thatcher (or perhaps the other way around) has anyone in government worked out, then set out for all to see, why these spinners and their craft are needed; that insults the general public.

Big society and bad policies

Big muddle, but society foots the bill

Bad policy, droppedBad policy, dropped
The big society. It's hard to know where to start. For example, is it the Big Society? Is it capital letters to start the thing off; big letters for a big idea? It's fair to say that at the general election many people were desperate to get rid of Gordon Brown. Equally fair is to say there were not enough of them to give David Cameron an overall majority. This is important as the BSoc is now causing so much bother that it's right to wonder if, with more of a mandate, Cameron would have had the confidence to drop the thing. The Big Society was not a big noise on the run-up to the election, perhaps Cameron is holding onto it as a result of post-election dynamics. The Tory coalition with the Lib Dems has ruined more than it has created. The Lib Dems hang in shreds and the Tories are forced to act so carefully it looks more like dithering than care. With the Big Society policy the Tories can try to out-Lib the Lib Dems. Had the Tories got the mandate to act alone we can imagine it would be very different now, the Tory party would have 'moved on'.

Common sense tells us that Big Society is the opposite of Big State, but what else do we know? Well it does seem that size matters. For 'Small is Beautiful' was also once a very powerful creed.

More on the cuts

Still far too many people dependent on public money

HMS DreadnoughtHMS Dreadnought
More on the cuts. This time it's the Navy and EUReferendum has posted an opinion based on a Guardian article. Both are interesting and EUReferendum has a comments section. In the the Guardian we see -

The navy's Caribbean patrol was originally set up to guard British dependencies in the West Indies. In recent years, it has taken up a joint role countering drug runners and coping with humanitarian disasters during the June-October hurricane season.

Regime change, home and away

Cameron, Islamic extremism, Egypt and more;what a muddle!

Just another  demonstration in LondonJust another demonstration in London
I was told by a committed Marxist that autumn was the best time to start a revolution, the proof here being the Russian revolution, generally given as starting on the 25th of October 1917. Well times have changed, Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt have all decided to go now. Looking at Egypt reminds us of the invasion of Iraq. On the one hand most people in the UK wanted a 'better Iraq', on the other hand the problem was that we did not know what better was. It's clear that a lot of the MSM is floundering and they do not understand the complexities. Some of the organisations involved in these uprisings have had either a formal link to the UK or have been in the shadows. In both cases they would have been the reason Melanie Phillips wrote Londinistan.

It was this book, published in 2006, that explained the muddled political thinking behind allowing such people to set up shop in London. From the highest level in the Government down to the police and local authorities and through many layers of public servants on the way this muddle allowed some very nasty people to do as they pleased. The muddle was founded on multiculturalism, the opium of the civil network. If there ever was a need for a 'war on drugs' then multiculturalism should have been the target.

Davos, all is well?

Davos and the Klondike theory

Davos 2011Davos 2011
Let's put on a brave face. This seems to be the mood of the moment and we have been here before. Prior to the financial collapse of Greece there was only a little local difficulty to deal with; and then there was Ireland. Our Lords and Masters, fresh from their exertions in Davos, tell us all is well. On behalf of France, Finance Minister Christine Lagarde said -

Let's not short Europe and let's not short the eurozone, - she said to applause from the business and political leaders attending the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in this Swiss ski resort.