February 2010

Westminster bad, Brussels good.

A tale of two parliaments

We have had months of lurid stories about our Westminster expenses' scandal. It would appear that about one million pounds should be reclaimed at a cost of about one million pounds, so 'nul points'. Meanwhile,we find that the EU Parliament has recovered almost £3 million from MEPs in wrongly-claimed allowances over the last three years but has refused to disclosed from whom the money has been obtained or how much more has been requested, see here.

Jerzy Buzek, the parliament's president, has written that-

the authorities would not "recklessly expose" MEPs who have been asked to return public funds. "Such delicate and sensitive matters must be treated with the utmost caution – avoiding undue haste that can unnecessarily and unjustly cause irreparable harm to members' reputations."

The Dizaei way of doing things

With help from the usual suspects

Ali  Dizaei, guilty Ali Dizaei, guilty
So Ali Dizaei has been found guilty, is this important? Yes it is. Dizaei had reached up to the heights of the Metropolitan Police Force and made them his own territory. He was a relentless self-promoter but found plenty of help on his way from certain sections of the media. He was the darling of the race relations industry. As might be expected the fight back has begun.

The Guardian tells us - Ali Dizaei 'was investigated as though he was an enemy of state'

While the Times says - 'Ali Dizaei - ethnic champion in Metropolitan Police exposed as a bully'

The full Guardian story is HERE, and the Times is HERE. Take your pick.

Over the coming weeks television, radio and newspapers will wade in. Selections will be made from Dizaei's past to promote this or that point. The same will happen when the role of the Metropolitan Police is reviewed. What they did, or perhaps what they did not do, raked over and over again. What will be hard to hide is that the Met spent so much time, so by inference public money, furthering the cause of race relations.

Power sharing in Northern Ireland

But not much to go around?

Peace? The contrabass at restPeace? The contrabass at rest
No doubt the 10 Downing Street back room staff will do all they can to present the Northern Ireland agreement as another of Gordon Brown's great achievements. Let them try. The rarefied atmosphere of the world of political people does strange things to their minds. In my part of the world I suggest it would be easier to find someone who could name, in order (see below), all the members of the saxophone family rather than find anyone willing, at length, to talk about this settlement.

Wilders fights for free speech

Double Dutch court?

What about the Life of Mohammed?What about the Life of Mohammed?

When the Danish cartoons were printed the UK mainstream media refused to join in. They could have said that they were scared of reprisals and so could not reprint them, but they simply declared them 'offensive'. This was hardly the case as only the one of Mohammed with a bomb in his turban was faintly provocative. The moment was lost for solidarity amongst the Western media in the cause of free speech.

The latest news from the Guardian

Better late than never.

.. Blow me the Guardian is researching ClimateGate. It mentions problems with peer-review, the suppression and manipulation of scientific data and articles and discusses problems relating to the infamous 'hockey-stick' graph. Yet, on the 1st of February, Fred Pearce in the Guardian was writing that the:

The 'climategate' scandal is bogus and based on climate sceptics' lies.Claims based on email soundbites are demonstrably false – there is manifestly no evidence of clandestine data manipulation.

Presumably he had a day to read some of the literature and has promptly changed his mind. On 2nd Feb the same Fred Pearce wrote:

A close reading of the hacked emails exposes the real process of science, its jealousies and tribalism.Read more: doubts about "hockey stick" graph revealed.

Well done Fred.

PS The Hockey stick scam was first revealed in 2003 by Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit.

Should criticising the EU be a crime?

Papal expression versus EU Commission

so did heso did he

Gordon Brown proposes a referendum on electoral reform, this is something important that must be put to the people. Yet, the people weren't given the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty that they had been promised by Tony Bliar, despite overwhelming support, because this wasn't something important that they should worry about. As about 80% of our laws are now made by the EU this statement is pretty patronising. Gordon simply wishes to give the MSM something to talk about to divert them from the major problems facing the country:energy,economy and political stupidity to name just three.

Equally many politicians are ranting on about the Pope's interference in national politics, namely his criticism of Ms Harman's Equalities Bill. He has the cheek to claim that this discriminates against traditional Catholic beliefs.