February 2010

The greatest scientific scandal ever?

Physicists as deniers?

peer review racepeer review race
Could it be that the scientific community are not all charlatans? That they are realising that a scandal of immense proportions has been enacted under their noses? That we may have been experiencing a natural warming period? That they are able to criticise climate scientists who have thought that the end justified the means and, to this end, manipulated data and crowded out non-believers?

Watts Up With That reproduces an amazing submission to the Parliamentary Science and Technology committee investigation into the CRU e-mails. This is from the Institute of Physics, which is a scientific charity devoted to increasing the practice, understanding and application of physics. It has a worldwide membership of over 36,000 and is a leading communicator of physics-related science to all audiences, from specialists through to government and the general public.

A modern tragedy

Modern Britain old problem

Once mighty oak? Once mighty oak?
There's so much wrong, the EU economy is in trouble, the climate warming scam has been exposed and the Chilcot Inquiry is inflicting pain. There's also a lot wrong with the Tory party and Fraser Nelson has written about this following a speech he gave as the 2010 Sir Keith Joseph Memorial Lecture. In this Spectator post Nelson justifies his lecture via an ongoing disagreement with Daniel Finkelstein, who is critical of Nelson in his post in the Times. Still with me? I hope so.

So we have Finkelstein, said to be very chummy with the Camerons. And we have Patrick Hennessy political editor of the Sunday Telegraph, said to be a Brownite loyalist. Both play a part here. There is a link in the Nelson post to his speech, it's generally very supportive of Cameron. However, the truth is that Cameron makes many mistakes. Nelson suggests we must -

"salute Cameron for the incredible achievement (changing the party) – one accomplished in the face of many enemies on the right. But the game changed in 2007".

Yes, it was Cameron who changed it to always following Nulabour. And 2007 cannot be a tipping point as politics is dynamic, always changing. What is the point of 'Nulabour Lite'?

Blair says: "Make my day." (again)

Bush/Blair eye up oil rich nation, should we worry?

Stand well back!Stand well back!
I thought we might need bit of light relief from, "is Gordon Brown a bully?". A question that may one day get an answer but not just yet. A question that is still rolling along despite the best efforts of the spinners to make it go away. All along the common response to this story has been laughter. The thought of John Prescott talking up the PM's gentle side is hilarious, but then that is what he has been doing. I wonder what Craig Evans, the man punched by Prescott is up to? He did not become a celebrity after throwing an egg at Prescott, he was famous for not much longer than 15 minutes, it was different in those days. Mandelson never likes to be left out either, so he has delivered a smooth rebuttal of the charges against the PM. But this, coming from a man who has trouble filling in a Craig Evans eggs on John Prescott Craig Evans eggs on John Prescott mortgage application form is no help at all! And then the PM's wife has a go, prompting the notion she is well on her way to a safe seat, what a laugh!

But down to business. The Blair/Bush relationship has always had a gruesome fascination. Did they pray together all those years ago before the invasion of Iraq? When Blair gets close to Bush something happens. For proof of this look at the picture. Blair must have been photographed a trillion times, for him the rictus is both instinctive and natural.

Silence descends on Corus

Desperate but damned

Corus, a desperate and big problem  Corus, a desperate and big problem
An interesting story on the BBC radio 4 'Today' programme this morning. This evening the Teeside Corus steel- making plant will close, to be mothballed. On the radio we heard the history of steel-making in this region and the huge impact its closure will have. It was a short report and we may assume that the BBC felt listeners needing more could go to their website, that report is HERE. From this, much longer report, we learn that -

Gordon Brown said he is "desperately looking" for investment and Corus claims it is open to "credible offers".

Cutting for a purpose

The age of waste cut adrift

Big cuts coming!Big cuts coming!
Birmingham is starting to cut council jobs, it will be interesting to watch for a number of reasons. Tradition has that all cities in the UK are solid, first old, then Nulabour. Gordon Brown and the government have tried to suggest that the voter will turn and run from any party even thinking aloud about cutting 'services'. But is this so?

Birmingham stopped being solid Nulabour in 2004, this was the time of the original Nulabour vote rigging scandal, there have been others too. Also the voters are not stupid, they know that each and everyone of those Outreach Officers has to be paid for.

At the moment there is a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition running the city, it will be watched closely to see how it holds up when the cuts begin take effect. This coalition took over when council spending was thought of as being like breathing; it came naturally, there was no reason to stop! The current overspend is firmly in the area of Social Services.

E.On propaganda

green retreat?

E.On must have spent millions of pounds on its 'green' propaganda. We have images of children laughing in the wind, presumably whilst being deafened by an E.On wind turbine. Children are encouraged to become 'energy champions' and there are toe-curling promotions such as this video. If anyone tells you that climate sceptics are in the thrall of big business tell them to watch this.
They now admitting that the UK faces power blackouts after 2015, as 15% of our energy production will be lost when nine coal and oil-fired plants have to close because of an EU directive. They are pleading for a few to be kept open, see here. You could sign the deniers petition to annoy the government.

Elderly care

tilting at windmills

keeping warmkeeping warm
Whilst the major parties are squabbling over how to pay for the long term care of the elderly and talk of a black hole of 6 billion, Richard North tells us that Gordon Brown ( with full support from David Cameron and Nick Clegg) has just quietly spent £600 million buying carbon credits.

Buyers used by the government will earn:

..typically 15 percent or more of the selling price in commissions – giving them a £9 million tax-funded bonanza....
Each government department will be billed separately for the carbon credits they use, which will include the Ministry of Defence. It will have to divert millions from front-line troops in Afghanistan, to cover the emissions from defence buildings, including those in Germany where our Nato troops are based.

Baroness Tonge

Jihad Jenny in hot water - again.

The right Hon. J. TongeThe right Hon. J. Tonge

Imagine the furore if Nick Griffin had publicly stated that Israeli soldiers were harvesting organs whilst ostensibly helping the aid effort in Haiti. This would be front page news and he would be immediately charged with anti-Semitism and inciting racial hatred. He would be put on trial and, if a jury declared him not guilty, there would be a retrial.

Yet, when this is said by a Peer of the realm, the right honourable Baroness Tonge, it barely rates as newsworthy. Nick Clegg sacks her as a Lib Dem health spokesmanwoman, see here, but he hasn’t withdrawn the whip. He states:

Serious money, Greek tragedy

United in debt

New number 1New number 1
Will they, won't they? A week ago it was all stern words regarding the Greek economy from the rest of the EU. It was generally seen as a Greek problem. They got into the mess, they could get out of it, tough love stuff. What was being said by member state politicians was very different from the comments of EU politicians. The former was for the domestic audience while the latter, well, what was it for? One cannot imagine that Barack Obama wasted sleep on this and the world's financial markets and traders were not fooled either.

We can go on like this.

Trust in us.


The blogosphere and, belatedly, the MSM have been full of tales of conflicts of interest amongst scientists and politicians regarding climate change. The indefatigable Richard North tells of yet another, here. Financial linkages and patronage are particularly egregious in large bodies such as the EU, UN, IPCC but also exist in Westminster and the City. Are we surprised at nefarious goings-on in the IPCC; remember 'oil for food' in the UN? Are we surprised at lies from Westminster; who can forget the 'dodgy dossier'?

Also, remember, in May 2007, Francis Nheme, Zimbabwe's environment and tourism minister, was elected as chairman of the UN's Commission on Sustainable Development', the main United Nations inter-governmental body on the environment.

Defending the decision, and completely missing the point, Zimbabwe's UN ambassador Boniface Chidyausiku asked:

"What has sustainable development to do with human rights?"