January 2010

Send on the clowns

Politics and levity

Which one's Rompuy? Which one's Rompuy?
On the first day back at work for many people the Guardian gives space to a bit of propaganda from José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Herman Van Rompuy, see HERE.

Zapatero is there because Spain now has the rotating EU Presidency. Rompuy is involved because of the Lisbon Treaty-cum-Constitution. Thus what was a bit of a joke as a solo performance is turned into a duet with double the comedic value.

Dr Pachauri

Saint or hypocrite?

Tata steelTata steel

In the UK and the EU our governments are prepared to spend a fortune on 'saving the world' from man-made global warming. Meanwhile real environmental horrors continue apace. See the photographic enquiry into resistance and repression in India's mines called the Alchemy of Iniquity. Tata which is closely allied to Dr Pachauri and TERI is one of the destroyers of the Indian environment.

Dr Pachauri, head of the IPCC, putative Emperor of the world and everything, is having a hard time from bloggers, most notably Dr Richard North at EUReferendum who is investigating the byzantine influence and funding of his ostensibly humanitarian institute the Energy Resources Institute or TERI.Good summary here.

Fragrant memories

The sweet smell of the past

Such a sweet smell Such a sweet smell
New year is a time for reflection and Matthew Parris has been doing just that. From Malawi in Central Africa he is recalling creosote in all its glory saying -

Scents of the past
Wherever we’ve been in Central Africa, the smell of creosote has been close. Banned by the EU, the dark, tar-scented wood preserver is no longer for sale in Britain, but in Africa the ever-present menace of white ants (termites) demands lashings of the stuff or else the pallid little creatures (which are killed by sunlight) extend their thin veins of earth-tubing up stakes, posts, planks, rafters — any wood they can get their mandibles into. It’s said that many African buildings stay standing only because the white ants hold hands.
But creosote repels them. Just as it attracts me. I simply adore the smell. I’ve been lying in bed at night breathing deeply its musky, tarry aroma, and remembering my childhood. Couldn’t a male fragrance be based on creosote? That and the rank aroma of EP 90 (gear oil), not unlike horse. I’ve even dreamt up a name for my new range of butch scents. Ambush

Hilary Benn, hypocrite

Labour - save the world, sod the environment.

So, this is OK Hilary?So, this is OK Hilary?
Have a view other than the apocalyptic on climate change and you can be variously branded as in league with big oil, a polluter and an environmental vandal. True warmists cannot contemplate someone critical of man-made global warming also being in favour of: organic farming, humane animal rearing, saving the rain forest, sensible energy saving measures and so on.