January 2010

Ed Ballsup

Labour priorities

Vicky Pollard, off to the museum?Vicky Pollard, off to the museum?

We are at war. We have a gigantic national debt. We have severe winter weather and cannot even grit our roads. We have a surveillance state: a country covered in CCTV cameras and policemen who cry:"terrorist", when they see a man painting a watercolour of a factory. Our prisons are full and we shall soon have an energy crisis.

So, what is our government doing? Well Ed Balls (incidentally the man who gave the term endogenous growth theory to his pal Gordon) wants to ban family tickets for museums and galleries, because they discriminate against single mothers. At least fiddling whilst Rome burnt showed some musical talent.

Government,science and failure

More wrong than right

Swine flu 1Swine flu 1
A very fair article here from Ross Clark. As is best with these things, the way of the MSM, Clark concentrates on a few things, to maximise the effect of his comments under his title,

"Can we really trust chief scientific officers"?

One of the recurring themes of this blog is the yawning gulf between our government and ourselves. So an immediate and relevant question is:" are MPs "our elected representatives"? Most voters would say no. There is a strong feeling that MPs represent 'Westminster' and not the constituency in which the ballot took place. And what about political parties? Following the MPs expenses fiasco we can see that party played a small part here.

Whose law is it anyway?

Gary and Andrew


Thankfully the High Court has granted a further judicial review of the Home Secretary's decision to allow extradition proceedings against Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon to proceed. The move means the imminent threat of extradition is removed until at least April. Legal proceedings are now almost certain to drag on beyond the General Election, raising optimism among Gary's supporters that the Tories will halt the extradition if they win. See here.

We do hope that the Tory and Lib Dem support for Gary extends to all those extradited under the EU arrest warrant. Most notably in the case of Andrew Symeou.

We can't go on like this

With Cameron we certainly can.

Egyptian labyrinthEgyptian labyrinth

Republican Assemblyman Dan Logue has begun collecting signatures for “The Global Warming Solutions Act,” a ballot initiative that would suspend California’s cap-and-trade scheme until the unemployment rate falls below 5.5%.See here.

No matter what one thinks of climate science, it makes little sense for an individual state to unilaterally impose major new tax and regulatory costs on its own industries. The impact of California’s gesture on global temperatures will be infinitesimal, but the economic impact will make the state even less attractive to start or expand a business.

Conservatives will also let the lights go out

Tory energy spin

Arctic 3-day surveyArctic 3-day survey

Whilst the Conservatives are emoting about saving the NHS (ever heard that before?) there are several elephants in the room. One of these is energy policy. It is as if the doubts of a good half of the population as to man-made global warming had eluded them. It's as if all the revelations from Climategate had passed them by. It's as if they are totally unaware of the ongoing saga of the conflicts of interest of Dr Pachauri of the IPCC exposed by Dr. Richard North on EUReferendum

All together now -

climate is not weather

satellite UKsatellite UK

The warmists seem to have got together and produced a strapline, namely that climate is not the same as weather. Monbiot and Hickman in the Guardian tie themselves up in knots trying to prove that any weather can prove climate change and that anyone who doesn't believe them is a right wing fanatic. The scale of comments (1,375) section for once competes with the Daily Mail and they are mostly critical of Monbiot and friend. Surely the Conservative party would be wise to, at the very least consider, Climategate and the scientific arguments on both sides.

Something to celebrate?

Nulabour nu-low

Celebrate? Celebrate?
Older folk will remember when Tony Blair came to power in 1997 and the nation sang 'Things can only get better'. The lyrics of this song, adopted by Nulabour like some kind of anthem, are nearly incomprehensible (see HERE), little did we know that this was a sign of things to come. We then found ourselves listening to a parade of Nulabour Ministers barking on about 'lifting people out of poverty'. What happened? A report in the Telegraph tells us that the UK is ranked 20th in a quality of life index, see HERE. This puts the UK below three former Communist countries. We can only assume that in Nu-speak this is something to celebrate.

Lord Carey and his views

Rather late in the day?

Lord and Lady Carey in Jerusalem Lord and Lady Carey in Jerusalem
The former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, was the last believable holder of that post. Carey, now Lord Carey, followed the very popular Robert Runcie and it was a hard act to follow. During his term Carey was considered insular and overtly evangelical, saying and doing things that brought him and his church much criticism and appeared not to be bothered by this. Then came Rowan Williams, what a disaster! We can now see that Carey was thoughtful and determined, unmoved by fads, all the things Williams is not.

Tea cup coup, failed.

Nulabour old Leader

So elegant So elegant
Claus Philipp Maria Justinian Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg tried to assassinate Adolf Hitler on 20th July 1944, the attempt failed, Hitler was almost the only survivor without injury. However, four people were killed and most others close by were severely injured; later von Stauffenburg was tried for treason and shot. As the attempt by Patricia Hewitt and Geof Hoon to get rid of Gordon Brown has failed, it's time to survey the damage and check for casualties.

The battle of Wootton Bassett

It was obvious it would come to this.

Anjem ChoudaryAnjem Choudary

Anjem Choudary, the self proclaimed leader of al-Muhajiroun in the UK, wants to march down the High Street of the Wiltshire town to protest about the UK's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, see HERE.

The UK's part of the wars in both go back to the days of Tony Blair, not an auspicious start. For in his own way Blair was as much a villain then as Choudray is seen today. The reasons for the invasion of Iraq, the 'dodgy dossier' can be seen for what they are, lies. In his analysis of the war in Iraq, Ministry of Defeat (see below right), Richard North shows how chaotic the British Army's performance in Iraq was. It is also clear that the practical lessons from Iraq have not been learnt, Afghanistan looks to be heading the same way.