December 2009

What is wrong with UK universities?

Learning from our mistakes?

The alleged bomberThe alleged bomber
What is it about British universities? A steady stream of foreign students comes here to study and some become jihadists, are we shocked? Maybe we, the public were once but not anymore. Either the authorities who regulate this flow are stupid, or the universities are desperate for the money the students bring, so on it goes. Or then again perhaps these undergraduate terrorists are smarter than our authorities because there never seems to be a solution to this problem. No that's wrong, there is a solution, we stop issuing student visas the same way we send Christmas cards, the more the merrier; it simply does not work like that.

Off message at Christmas

Speaking but saying nothing

Far too loud Far too loud
Both of the gruesome twosome, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams and the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu have, as expected at this time of year, let us know their thoughts. Sentamu had his witterings published in the Guardian and they were not well received. Let's face it, if you cannot get a decent response from the good folk at the Guardian with musings on the subject of 'room at the inn' then something is amiss. But then again if the infrastructure of the UK had kept pace with the rise in the number of immigrants things would be different.

The wrong kind of public services?

More than just a simple breakdown

Third world travel Third world travel
Eurostar and Eurotunnel, that's the split between the train and track deemed so essential by the EU. It's supposed to 'help' the consumer, or passenger as we used to say, in reducing something-or-other. It's not worked well in the UK but the word 'split' has just about summed things up between the train and track under the channel. Writing in the Times HERE Robin Henry gives the detail on the very public shouting match between these two. The "wrong kind of snow" was, we all thought, banished to history along with British Rail. However, the desire of the EU to control everything in Marxist style seems to have hit the buffers due to the white stuff that falls from the skies in winter.

New carbon economy, traditional unemployment?

Green and broke!

Unemployed or queuing  
for carbon credits?Unemployed or queuing for carbon credits?
We all make mistakes. The organisers behind the Copenhagen climate jamboree made lots of them and they are playing with other people's money. Jon Moulton, often described as a venture capitalist, has made two notable mistakes, he failed to win control of the Rover Group and lost control of the private equity company, Alchemy Partners, that he founded in 1997. However, Moulton puts his own money into his work and such is his skill and success that he attracts funds from other investors, almost £150 million so far. His latest company is called Better Capital and has been running for less than a month.

Bad propaganda

Top British (Blue Peter) science-god help us

Sir 'Redsunderthebed' KingSir 'Redsunderthebed' King

Ed Stourton has a series on climate change where he proves 'incontrovertibly' that the world is warming, see here. The programme tells us that peer review gives us sound evidence (no mention of those e-mails!); that Al Gore has provided beyond doubt that global warming exists (no mention of that court case) and that Hurricane Katrina was caused by climate change(no mention of those levées). Several neo-con, big oil Texan types are then interviewed who refute the science, proving that climate sceptics are a bad lot.

Anthony Watts then shows us a video experiment by a 'top' space scientist which proves beyond doubt that CO2 causes global warming! The 'experiment' proves how heating an unknown additional quantity of CO2 and ordinary air inside a bottle and comparing this to a heated bottle containing ordinary air scientifically demonstrates that CO2 causes global warming!!!

Brown coward ducks out of Chilcot

Running scared?

It Ain't Half Hot MumIt Ain't Half Hot Mum
Gordon Brown will not give evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry until after the General Election, something to hide?

After a great deal of searching the best article by far on this subject is the one by Fraser Nelson writing in the Spectator - see HERE. Nelson has rightly been praised for his skill in questioning the PM on economic matters but now has branched out to include Defence, recommended reading.

And for our younger readers the title for the image is taken from the BBC comedy show of that name that ran from 1974. Very rare to see the PM without a jacket but common to see him using UK troops as political props. There will be a price for him to pay for this.

Dr Pachauri

- master of the universe?

Haven't they done well?Haven't they done well?

Sensible minds such as Richard North and Christopher Booker are just beginning to be noticed in the MSM. They have been 'banging on' about global warming for years but their exposé of Dr Rajendra Pachauri, head of the IPCC and his breathtaking conflicts of interest has been published in the Telegraph. The Australian has also taken up the subject.

Paying not drowning

Lifting people out of poverty?

Drowning? Drowning?
As any comedian will tell you it's 'all about timing', the quality of the material matters less than the delivery. Well isn't that just like Copenhagen? With immaculate timing snow fell on Copenhagen and the warmists' big party. So while the weather is miserable and the low quality of the scientific data is disregarded, more money than is wise was wasted on this freak show and to hell with the aftermath.

You may think the money side of it is not important, wrong. Who is going to pay for this 'initiative'? Prince Charles says we only have seven years to save the planet. Where does he get that number, where's the proof? But then, as climate scientists make it up as they go along I suppose the heir to the throne might as well do the same. But the money side of it is serious.

Mugabe cheered at Copenhagen

Carbon trading is go?

Our leaders!Our leaders!

Gordon Brown struts upon the stage at Carbonopenhagen with the delusional hope of leaving his legacy as a world statesman who helped save the world, twice. Hugo Chavaz gets a standing ovation, Robert Mugabe is cheered whilst Viscount Monckton is knocked unconscious by a Danish policeman, see Anthony Watts.

Can it get any worse?

The perils of low quality leadership and news reporting

The death of reporting?The death of reporting?
What is it about modern government? A conversation in a taxi turns out to be the root of the WMD farce and a significant part of the reason, or though others may say excuse, to invade Iraq. See HERE.

And now on an equally questionable basis we accept data from a climate research unit that attempts to - 'hide the decline'; some might call it fiddling, rather than engaging, in real science. It's behaviour like this that leads to the idiotic jamboree now being played out in Copenhagen.

Finding a part of public life that works, to the satisfaction of the public, as opposed to the ridiculous notion of self-approval is next to impossible.