August 2009

NO means NO - 4th time lucky?

Cóir posterCóir poster

The fourth referendum on the Lisbon ConstitutionTreaty approaches following NO votes in Ireland in 2008 and France and the Netherlands in 2005. No wonder the EU delegation couldn't see too much of a problem regarding the Afghan election!

Cóir and the CAEUC ( Campaign Against the EU Constitution) need all the help they can get. Why not send a donation ( though try not to look too closely at the organisations affiliated to CAEUC). You could also write a letter to an Irish newspaper voicing your concerns at the unfair indirect funding of the YES camp, namely the hundreds of thousands being spent by big organisations such as Intel and Ryanair.

Nearly there with the economy?

Just hang on

Nearly there? Nearly there?
In free climbing you are obliged to hang on. We are told that Gordon Brown's idea of a good time is to watch videos of his favourite football team, Raith Rovers; but you never know, perhaps our PM has been watching free climbing and getting ideas, just hang on, onwards and upwards.

It was clear that this recession would come to an end at some point, they all do. It was also clear that Brown would try to cash in, rather like the surfer waiting for the wave to take them into the shore, a free ride. But enough of these sporting analogies, we all knew Brown would simply hang on, nothing skillful or noble just pathetic.

Rational discussion

Daniel HannanDaniel Hannan

There are subjects that simply cannot be discussed rationally: the NHS, the EU, immigration, climate change/global warming, racism, the name Enoch Powell, Kosovo, Palestine/Israel and, until recently, the war in Afghanistan. The 'man in he street' has strong views on many of these issues but simply by mentioning them he is immediately deemed reactionary. Politicians and media commentators fear for their jobs so toe the PC line.

EU rules

Your money pays to torture chickens.

Chickens Out campaignChickens Out campaign

Depending on whose figures you take, the Treasury or the EU, the UK gross contribution to the EU is either £10.2 billion or £12.4 billion a year. Yes we get some back but the EU tells us what we can spend it on.

We pay MEPs huge salaries, expenses and pensions and Commissioners get a settlement of about £1.1 million upon leaving office see here. The finances haven't been passed off for the 14th year running, many millions are spent on propaganda and if a country is lucky enough to be given a referendum they always have to vote again when they vote NO.

Defence procurement streamlined?

via EU's toytown account system.


Soldiers lives are being put at risk by “endemic” failures at the Ministry of Defence which have led to the equipment procurement programme being £35 billion over budget and five years behind schedule, according to an official report that ministers are accused of trying to suppress. See here.

Surely it couldn't get any worse? Certainly it could.The new directive on defence and security procurement entered into force on 21 August 2009. The EU's propaganda release tells us that:

Libya, Scotland and England

Oiling the wheels of business

What it's all about? What it's all about?
Picture the scene in a typical office on a Monday morning, “didya have a nice weekend” will be the general line of polite conversation. But this is no typical office, this is Peter Mandelson's office. We are well into the let's pretend zone here, so let's pretend it's all perfectly normal and carry on as if nothing has happened. But something has happened.

Mind you it might have been better to pretend that you'd been feeling ill, had sent your buddy off to get the Tamiflu and phoned in sick but for the fact that working in a government office you are privy to all the details of Tamiflu including the side effects of taking it. So you are stuck and it's going to be a bumpy ride. So much for pretending, as Mandy does, that he is such a clever dick, events dear boy, events, may prove otherwise. It's hard to imagine anyone coming out of this mess looking good, least of all the big cheese in this office, but he can wait.

Swedish anti-Semitism?

or free speech for some?

A Danish CartoonA Danish Cartoon

The EU Commission has been arguing for many years, at least 13, over the form of hate laws regarding race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin that it would like imposed on its members.

The same rules would also apply to people publicly condoning, denying, or grossly trivialising crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Rwanda would be included but not the mass killings of Armenians in 1915 so as not to upset Turkey. Crimes under Stalin and Communism are not included, despite protests from Eastern members, presumably as this would upset Russia. The UK has a Religious and Racial Hatred Act, which will no doubt eventually be harmonised under an EU directive.

MP and DNA reunited

now it's the turn of the other 850,000


The European Union "Prum Treaty" allows automated access to national police databases holding biometrics and data on DNA, fingerprints and vehicle registrations.

The proposed Stockholm programme aims to harmonise databases and IT systems to make this process easier. The European Extradition Warrant allows the courts of any EU country to call on those of another to order the automatic extradition of anyone suspected of offences under 32 headings, including "xenophobia" and any criminal offence affecting public order and security.

Another fine mess

Quote of the week?

Thief? Thief?
From Chris Hunt Cooke, chairman of the Magistrates’ Association road traffic committee -
“Once they have been given these powers, the police will misuse them”
On the plan by government to give the police new powers see HERE and HERE to issue more 'on-the-spot fines'. What is it about the UK police that fails to inspire confidence?

This very public spat between the magistrates and the police has shone a light on the way things work now. During the Convention on Modern Liberty held in February this year, Helena Kennedy QC was asked about the introduction of the new law banning photographing police officers. It was her opinion that ACPO, the Association of Chief Police Officers, simply asked for it and got it. Much in the style of a spoilt child, they always got their way. No Minister ever asks for explanation let alone refuse them their every wish, naturally there is never a debate in parliament.

So the remark by Chris Hunt Cooke is interesting, he is certain that the new powers will be abused.

Dodgy helicopters?

Not an uplifting tale to tell

Mi26 Mi26

Spin, in the political context, is a big part of the way thing are done in the UK. Almost a month ago we wrote Spin is back . In this post we pointed out that Nulabour's helpmate-cum-spinner, Damian McBride, had his thoughts dutifully printed in the Guardian, Daily Mail, Spectator and on the BBC website, maybe other places too.

News management is one thing but a news blackout, how do they do that? Over on EU Referendum Dr Richard North has a disturbing tale to tell, see HERE.