April 2009

The road to hell

Or a bright new future?

To a bright new future? To a bright new future?

Recently Lord Mandy opened his heart to us, we were told how Nulabour had ruined his career. Well there are many people who could say that right now, but naturally it's all eyes on Mandy.

But simpering adulation where simpering adulation is due, I think we can assume that's what he's after?

First there is the idea, hinted at in the Times article (link above), that this man had a glorious path mapped out for him. But then whoosh! Along came two Scots guys, one really slimy and the other just uggy and life went *gang aft agley soon after that, with poor Mandy hanging on for dear life as the Blair project sped down the road. How unlucky, how unfortunate!

Inhumane farming and now the backlash..

this is a pig farm!this is a pig farm!

The outbreak of a new flu strain - the H1N1 flu virus, a mixture of human, pig and avian flu viruses, has resulted in over 150 human casualties in Mexico with increasing numbers of cases being confirmed around the world. ( Though it is salutary to remember that 500,000 people die worldwide from annual flu outbreaks.)
Did intensive farming cause the latest threat of a flu pandemic?

The UN is now warning of a potential pandemic. Although the source of the new virus strain is currently unknown, experts have warned for years of the potential risks posed to human health as a result of factory farming methods and the development of highly pathogenic viruses.

Censorship and anti-Semitism in academe

Hypocrites in glass houses?


The UCU the union for university lecturers has toyed with anti-semitic motions for several years, namely a total boycott of Israeli universities and other institutions. They were only prevented from passing this because their legal advisers said this would be against the law.

Five soldiers, aged 19, from the Israeli Defence Force had been due to perform a medley of national songs at the Bloomsbury Theatre as part of a sell-out family show to celebrate their country's 61st anniversary. But the show has been shelved after the venue, owned by University College London, claimed the content was "political". See here.

Tories sit on the wall

Daniel Hannan gives another impassioned speech summing up the EU and the democratic deficit. He diplomatically fails to mention that Mr Cameron refuses to say whether the Conservatives would hold a referendum if they won the next election but the Lisbon Treaty had already been ratified by all the member states.

Cameron, Hague and friends simply repeat the enigmatic mantra that: "they will not let matters rest there".

The UK joins a civil war

Pakistani allies!Pakistani allies!

Gordon Brown recently stressed the the UK and the USA were allies united in their fight against terrorism in Pakistan. Now he might think that but I would imagine the bulk of the British population would disagree. This was the man who has told us for a dozen years or so that he had eliminated 'boom and bust.' Hence his foreign policy ability could well be as poor as his economic competence.

Gordon Brown tells us in the Guardian the earth shattering information that:

"There is a crucible of terrorism in the mountainous border between Afghanistan and Pakistan."
He continues:
Our approach to those countries is different but must be complementary. Our strategy for
dealing with this breeding ground of terrorism will mean more security on the streets of Britain."

Most British people think that: a risibly inept immigration system, appeasement to hardline Muslim male organisations, inability to deport openly militant Islamists as well as the bombing of Pakistan and Afghanistan, means that our streets are potentially very dangerous places indeed.

The UK will send 900 extra troops in addition to £50m of aid to help the Afghans with their upcoming election. Brown will also redirect existing aid to Pakistan.

Greeneland exists

Beyond satire


Grahame Greene's Our Man in Havana tells the story of James Wormold, a vacuum cleaner salesman living in Batista's Cuba, who is recruited to work for the British Secret Service. He has no information so simply makes it up. He says he has a network of informants and sends a circuit diagram of a vacuum cleaner claiming that this is the plan of a secret military site. The service sends extra staff to Cuba to help Wormold. When the deception is finally revealed, rather than admit they were taken in by his invented sketch, and afraid that their agency would lose all credibility with others if the affair were exposed, the top officers of the service assign Wormold to headquarters and decorate him with an OBE.

Nulabour and the MCB

Too little too late?

Hazel Blears Hazel Blears
“It's not fair” is one of the long-standing whinges of Nulabour and its supporters. Fairness, or the lack thereof, is a catch-all concept in the collective mind of Nulabour & Co; it gets used a lot. Well here we are post G20 and in terms of media splash it's still all Gordon Brown and the economy. Only now and then is there a hint of Jacqui Smith, in her case the post-expenses row, in the media. Mind you, other MPs and their expenses, are stacking up like in-coming aircraft over a busy airport. This is not fair, there are plenty of ministers in the cabinet gagging for attention. Smith, sometimes known as Miss Piggy, has been hogging the limelight for too long. Stand up Hazel Blears! (above right)

The spread of comment on the split between Blears and the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) goes from the Spectator to the New Statesman. From one heavyweight political magazine on the far horizon through many broadsheets and tabloids to another heavy-mag on the opposite horizon. No doubt each, Blears and the MCB, are pleased with their prominence thinking that it's 100% positive and will bring them more of what they want. Wrong, each will be disappointed. Nulabour will be happy if this dispute sinks without trace just as soon as possible.

Things can only get better?

Never again?

The good old days?The good old days?
They say a week is a long time in politics. The Damian McBride affair now looks as if it will last the whole week and still be in the news over this weekend. However, if it was to fall no doubt this would be a great relief to Nulabour. But then standing this story down would allow other scandals to have a turn in the limelight.

The death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 pushed its way forward into the light. And it did so in the manner of the police involved. At first we were told one thing, then another, it's now clear the police were determined to stall this for a long as possible. The confusion at the start of the Tomlinson case thus has eerie similarities to the de Menezes fiasco. No doubt the police think that the outcome will be the same, a bit of a ticking off, then carry on as before. They could be disappointed this time.

Next up was the detail of the scandal behind the arrest of Damian Green. It's hard to know whether to laugh or cry. This raid was led by Bob Quick, a model it would seem, of ineptitude. His recent departure due to another grand folly does not sort this out, in fact it makes it worse. Why was this man over promoted?

Are we getting bored here? There's too much of the police, don't worry. To take our minds off things we have ballot rigging!

Poor UK voter!

A rather cynical diversion?

In a hole? In a hole?
You have to feel sorry for Nulabour. Well actually no, you don't have to, but you might show a smidgen of sympathy. On the other hand you might not! Both the party and the government are in trouble. The former is demoralised because of the state of the latter, while the latter has no morals at all. Theory has it that: 'when in a hole stop digging', but this sort of common sense is not the hallmark of Nulabour.

All across Whitehall Ministers, ex-Ministers and Special Advisors are shovelling away as if there is no tomorrow. The Damian McBride affair may cause them to halt for a while but they cannot stop. After all these years the bad habits are so ingrained only a total soul transplant would bring about a transformation. But what of tomorrow? Well, any Nulabour MP with a majority of less than 8,000** (see below) is all set to lose his seat in a General Election; so while tomorrow is reasonably secure, even if miserable, the future is not.

So bad is the trouble that a diversion from McBridegate is called for. This is a job for Denis McShane, MP for Rotherham. McShane has an article in the New Statesman, can you guess the topic? No? Well here's a hint, it's on his favourite subject. Groans all round, that's it, you've got it, the EU!

Guido and the MSM

The blog comes of age

Guido Fawkes gives a detailed insight about how our media's relationship with the political world relies on it lying on its back and wagging its tail.