January 2009

Embarrassment AND PREJUDICE

Can I dance the fool? (see below)

This is a hobby, we are all journalists by day This is a hobby, we are all journalists by day
This post now contains an update - see further on!

Two posts in one because that's the way it is. The hot topic of today is Morris dancing. The BBC, the Independent and other news sources tell us that Morris dancing will probably be extinct in 20 years time and this is because young people 'are too embarrassed to take part'. Well perhaps Morris dancing should be made compulsory, this is usually the route taken by our political and social elites when faced with such a problem. But then the problem within the problem is that, increasingly, the political and social elites are one and the same. Year on year the number of people who vote goes down as a percentage of the population and yet the public funding of political parties is touted as a 'solution' to this trend. Perhaps the Morris dancers should wait a little longer then help will come?

Tradition is important

All together? No, not this time.
One day this equals....One day this equals....
Life is full of tradition. One tradition is that whatever comes along needing, according to the EU fanatics, a coordinated response, the EU does not deliver it. Even people with short memories will manage to recall the response to the present financial crisis. No sooner had Gordon Brown made his now famous remark about "saving the world", announced that the financial crisis had been "resolved" and that this had been achieved using his ideas, than the cracks of the alleged alliance within the EU member states began to show.