October 2008

A tale of two Brits

crime does pay - for some

Janet DeversJanet Devers

Janet Devers, see here now has a criminal record. She has been given a conditional discharge for her 'crime' of selling vegetables in pounds but has to pay costs of £4,600. She is the sister of Jon Hunt, one of the original metric martyrs so, spiteful and vindictive Trading Standards officials are determined to get her. Even the EU has now declared the use of imperial measures legal.

The EU sails on

busybodying as normal

Sailing onSailing on
While the world's financial system is in meltdown our government in Brussels has been busy keeping to its timetable.

There's been more bullying of Eire regarding its NO vote and a couple of remarkable quotes arise from this. Jean-Luc Dehaene, former Belgian Prime Minister, has declared that the Irish government should simply ratify the Lisbon Treaty in Parliament, claiming that the legal ground on which Ireland has to hold referendums on EU treaties is disputable. He said:

"whoever thinks that a vote in parliament is less democratic then a referendum has a lifelong problem with democracy".

We are simple folk

But we are not fools

Simple but solventSimple but solvent
I have to declare an interest here my family own Lloyds/TSB and Santander shares. Not a lot of them, about £2000 worth all together, so please don't feel sorry for us as they have fallen in value. It now seems that along with the rest of the UK we now have more bank shares following the government's decision, on behalf of the nation, to bail out people like us. How confusing, we are both the problem and the solution at one and the same time. How apt that the Lloyds shares, like the TSB ones, came as a form of bonus as I recall simply due to the luck of having an account with each bank, or something like that, it was many years ago. Suddenly we moved from customer to shareholder, what a privilege, honour and responsibility. Then years later the Santander shares were inherited from a relative who had started saving with the National Building Society. In time, for that's how these things go, The National moved in with the Abbey Building Society, or it could have been the other way around, again it was a long time ago. Whatever, the product of this union was so good that the nice folk at Santander got to hear about it and just could not resist buying it lock-stock and barrel. Well if made them happy in their quest to become a High Street bank in a foreign land why not? And thank you for the shares, they can go with the others.

Brainwashing at US state school

Archived Stop Press article


The Telegraph tells us that the authorities at the Urban Community Leadership Academy in Kansas City, Missouri took action after a video of the pupils, who are thought to be aged 14 and 15, emerged on YouTube. The video, which was titled "Obama Youth – Junior Fraternity Regiment", has since been removed, but copies have been re-posted.
The teacher responsible has been suspended but surely other staff knew about this? The sad joke for these young men is that most are overweight and their words can barely be understood. They are no doubt taught that they are to be future leaders but it looks as if they are barely educated and this is the fault of dangerously silly and exploitative staff - misguided enough to think this could help and not hinder Senator Obama. See here.


Attention this confederation is reversing

Stop! Stop!
Forgive me if I laugh but here (see right) is the official photo released to the world following the Saturday meeting of the EU's great and good. They met, if you remember, to 'fix' the economic crisis that is causing so much grief, so it's all brave smiles for the camera, except for the gent to the left of Nicolas Sarkozy. To the right of Sarkozy is Angela Merkel who up to that meeting had, as far as this crisis is concerned, been the big clunking fist. Germany under Merkel was holding firm and not going to panic, like Ireland, and offer bank deposit safety promises.

Lib Dems muddle their human rights

Archived Stop Press article

 Holocaust denial
 is a crime here Holocaust denial is a crime here

Chris Huhne talks sense when he says that holocaust denier Dr Gerald Toben should not be extradited to Germany. See here. Holocaust deniers in Britain have always been dismissed as weirdos and this is not a crime in Britain. However, isn't it strange that Lib Dem MEPs recently voted for trials in absentia and subsequent fast track extradition in the EU parliament? How long before they vote for EU wide legislation making this a crime?

Spin returns

More and better laughs

Red tie man needs help Red tie man needs help
I can say for a fact I did not know that Mandelson was coming back but did write this in 'How to fix banking' see HERE.

I would imagine Brown has a soft spot for the EU and looks fondly upon the interventionist policies of its élite. While we could never describe Brown as a friend of Peter Mandelson he is, to use that weasel word, a colleague. As we know Mandelson is one of the EU élite and so all is well, or is it?

As Nulabour is so short of real talent that even David Miliband is touted as a future Leader and as Peter Mandelson was soon to be out of a job the moves, chess style, were there for the contemplative folk to ponder.

Bring back the DM?

The paymaster says no

Angela Merkel Angela Merkel
Why do they do it? This was asked by a friend of Germany; we had been talking about the contributions countries make to the EU coffers and the fact that the Germans always appear to pay more than anyone else. this would be a good question to ask Angela Merkel and, without her reply, the reasons can only be guessed. Perhaps the plan is to pay so much to the EU that they end up de facto owners of it all. As the financial crisis takes another turn we learn that Greece is set to follow Ireland and offer full security to bank deposits. It will soon be time to make a list of EU member countries who do and don't offer this service; because the way things are going soon Germany may stand alone with the UK.

Boycott Malta

Archived Stop Press article

don't godon't go
If you're thinking of a holiday in Malta, then don't. This year has been the worst year for bird slaughter in Malta see here. Our EU colleagues in Malta continue to decimate migrating birds and threaten and intimidate those brave souls who try to expose the murder. The police do little and the Maltese government less. The EU threatens action and a couple of years later is still threatening - when it would be so easy simply to halt all EU funding unless the shooting stopped.

How to fix banking

'Everything', well almost

I'm on the way to the bank I'm on the way to the bank
Gordon Brown tells us he will do "everything it takes" to sort out the present crisis in the UK's banks. The Mr Fixit role appeals to him as he is by nature an interventionist. Gordon Brown loves the 'big state' way of working and has personally waited years to be the Prime Minister of such a thing. Many people thought that Brown's dislike of the euro indicated a dislike of the EU. Not so I suggest. I would imagine Brown has a soft spot for the EU and looks fondly upon the interventionist policies of its élite. While we could never describe Brown as a friend of Peter Mandelson he is, to use that weasel word, a colleague. As we know Mandelson is one of the EU élite and so all is well, or is it? What about another of the élite, European Union (EU) Competition Commissioner, Neelie Kroes? For Kroes has had words with Brian Cowen the Taoiseach of Ireland about his plan to give total security to deposits in Irish banks, see HERE.

Brown has not gone as far as Cowen with deposit safety and as a result there is a suggestion that money is already flowing into Ireland from UK accounts.