June 2008

Rush to save

Sound advice

More of these More of these
What is it about these people? Last week the Friends of the Earth brigade of the eco-army suggested that Mayor of London Boris Johnson had acted too slowly to select an environmental advisor. The story was, naturally, reported in the Evening Standard, see HERE.

There are many things that mark out and define the eco-environmental debate, or lack thereof. Reliable statistics and an element of hysteria being just two. Five whole weeks without Boris picking a green guru, tut tut. So, based on the fact that one term for the Mayor of London is four years, here are some facts: five weeks out of four years is 2.4%.

42 days - a sticking plaster

Police protect 
Abu HamzaPolice protect Abu Hamza
I dearly hope he doesn't but Gordon Brown may win his bill to detain terrorist suspects for 42 days. He is supported by 65% of the population, some of our top politically appointed plods and security security staff, Ann Widdecombe and even the editor of the Sunday Telegraph! Our media often says that we already have the longest detention without charge in Europe but these are mere weasel words. Under the European system of corpus juris a person can be imprisoned on a very flimsy charge pending investigation. People are held up to 6 months but this can be and often is, extended. So, whether or not the 42 day detention is passed into law, in the future we will see longer detentions after the passage of the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution.

More food

Or that could be less

A leek A leek
Once upon a time, and I suspect more than once, perhaps all the time; --- there now follows a little story that comes to me via Flights Orchard Organics. This is a vegbox supplier based in Herefordshire. It is all about vegetables and Tesco. Are you sitting comfortably?

[i]A few weeks ago we had a surplus of leeks due to the way the season was going so we sold some to a company that packs for Tesco (this is always a last resort).

Food for thought?

You are what you advertise

A load of bull A load of bull
The article in today's Telegraph HERE is one of those cringe generating gushing things. The basis of it all is the claim that the Mediterranean diet is the best in the world. So good that Spain with help from Italy, Greece and Morocco wish to have the much-lauded Mediterranean diet placed on the UNESCO world heritage list. But defining the diet - and its health benefits - is harder than one might think, writes Sarah Morris. Too right, and, after reading the article I found the whole thing hard to take seriously, a bit like spending too much time with an attention seeking child.

Teach them to speak?

Archived Stop Press article

These people need help?
Our Leader? Our Leader?
First I read the BBC News website about the orphaned grey heron called Dude. And now I've heard this evenings news on Radio 4 and listened to Gary Zammit explain how he taught this bird to fly. Mr Zammit is clearly a gifted man when it comes to his job, he works at Gwel An Mor wildlife park in Portreath, Cornwall. Originally Dude was small enough to fit into the palm of a hand, but not anymore, see HERE But what got to me was that Zammit spoke with clarity, precision and answered all the questions easily. What a pity he cannot rescue some of our bird brained senior politicians and teach them to do the same.

Harmonising fraud?

Hurrah for
Mayor BorisHurrah for Mayor Boris

Congratulations to Mayor Boris. The era of GLA sleaze could well be over, however there is no dearth of sleaze in Brussels it's just that our mainstream media don't care about it and we don't recognise the people involved. This is deliberate, the intention is to bore into submission unlike London's new leader .

Extinction looms?

The clever squad?
Brains Miliband style Brains Miliband style
At the moment the future of Nulabour, so some say, hangs in the balance. Like a threatened species the very survival of Nulabour is doubted. And if saved, then the question how on earth to reintroduce it to its former habitat weighs heavily on the conscience of caring folk throughout the nation. It is at this point that we are told, 'Zoos are vital'. For they can build up the numbers of a species before re-introduction but for this to happen new DNA is essential. In politics this is the same as a new leader.

Gossip has the name of David Miliband put forward as the collection of cells that will save the party from extinction. But will it? Being old has advantages. I can remember when the name of Neil Kinnock was doing the rounds, in whisper form, as the way to save Oldlabour. His 'colleagues' would line up to say how he was not interested in leadership but just wanted to 'help' his party. The man himself would do umpteen interviews talking about anything but leadership. In one I recall old freckly face and ginger hair was on top of a Welsh hillside with a village below grinning for all he was worth.

It was at this time we learnt that Kinnock had a thing about his old school uniform, he likened the black and white blazers in serried ranks at morning assembly to the uniform of the Waffen SS.

Unfair city

Apart in diversity?


PCSO for only a year, Naeem Naguthney has already left his mark. He played a prominent role at a conference to launch the West Midlands branch of the National Association of Muslim police by giving a reading from the Koran. His next claim to fame was when he ordered a couple of American Evangelists to get out of his area saying that they had committed a 'hate crime' by trying to convert Muslims. He also racially abused the preachers for being American. ( He is, presumably, British and hence similarly responsible for the UK's war).

Rules are rules

Archived Stop Press article

He would have
been welcome tooHe would have been welcome too

The headlines tell us that there is outrage regarding Robert Mugabe's presence at the world food summit in Rome organised by the UN. The scandal is not that he is yet again breaking a half hearted EU travel ban but that neither the UN nor Italy prevents his entry. Surely there are occasions when rules should be broken. After all the people who conducted the Holocaust were just doing what they were told and following the rules of a democratically elected leader.