June 2008

Stand up to bullying

Irish independence swept away

Down the river Down the river
So it's all over and Lisbon is now law, perhaps. So we all forget and the whole issue fades to grey? Perhaps not. Rather like there are some parts of the UK still recovering from the floods of last year there is still a lot of political clearing up to do post Lisbon. There are signs on the walls of buildings in some parts of Kingston on Thames to show and commemorate the high water mark of the 1947 floods. Some people never forget. So how do we record the high water mark of Lisbon?

Promises promises

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Ship ahoy! Ship ahoy!
From the Prime Minister of the government that promised you a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution comes another promise, namely that: "merging the British and French navies was something we will not do". see HERE. So that's alright then, or is it? For Gordon Brown went on to say: "There is no proposal to merge the use of aircraft carriers."
Are you reassured? Or do you think that there is some proposal, but it does not include aircraft carriers? What if that nice Mr Sarkozy said the aircraft carriers could be built in Scotland, would that make a difference? Stand by for the launch of HMS Prudence?

Brussels Spring?

Alexander Dubcek
January 1968Alexander Dubcek January 1968By no means wishing to trivialise the suffering of the Eastern European populations under Soviet rule there are many similarities between that situation and European Union's hold over its nation states now: misinformation, rewriting history, propaganda, bullying, corruption, lack of democracy ......

The Prague Spring began on January 5th 1968 and ended with the Soviet invasion of August 21st of the same year. The Czechs had to wait over 20 years until 1989 for the Velvet Revolution and freedom from Soviet oppression.

Let us hope that the Czechs can save us from the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution.

Agree or disagree?

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One Persaud One Persaud
Plagiarism, it's all in the mind, or is it? Raj Persaud has been accused of being a copycat see HERE. There are two aspects behind the word, one is the use without permission of material an author has published and would like circulated, but 'not like that'. The other is the copying or imitation of work. It is so common perhaps it is natural, the tendency to agree rather than disagree. In the sphere of environmental science it is not only natural to agree with one's peers but essential. The case of Bjorn Lombord is typical. For daring to disagree, this former Greenpeace activist has been given a hard time. Two Persaud Two Persaud And the reason for his suffering was that he wrote 'The Skeptical Environmentalist'. Lombord's book upset the warriors of the eco-army and he has been branded more an heretic than a maverick ever since. I like mavericks, so it seems do others, which takes us back to David Davis, man of the moment!

The Sun goes down

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Ex-editor and now ex-candidate
Mackenzie, early loser Mackenzie, early loser
We are now told, June 16th 2008, that Kelvin Mackenzie the ex-editor of the Sun will not be standing in the by-election at Haltemprice and Howden. Mackenzie in interviews not so long ago made it clear that he had been told by his ex-boss Rupert Murdoch to put up against David Davis. So 'the Sun says', "stand up", and then later, "don't stand". Perhaps after the initial moments of bluster Rupert Murdoch and his candidate realised that outside of the Westminster bubble there is a very different mood, and that they had missed something. Too right. There is tremendous support for Davis across the UK. But then we too will miss something. In their muddle in the bubble Murdoch and Mackenzie were perhaps dusting off that old familiar headline, 'it was the Sun wot won it' ready to claim victory. Too soon, too soon, for I was looking forward to umpteen headlines reading 'it was the Sun wot lost it'. Ah well, it was good while it lasted.

Denis speaks

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Denis  speaksDenis speaks
Clever Denis
"Europe as an idea does not provoke passionate support among ordinary citizens," said Denis MacShane, a Labour member of the British Parliament and a former minister for Europe following the Irish NO vote on the Lisbon Treaty. So why go on with it, ever heard of democracy Denis?

Hurrah! Saved by Ireland

We think it's all over but do they?

Hurrah, a victory for the only country that has been allowed a vote on the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution. However, the NO vote will be rather a Pyrrhic victory as, far from being an end to the Constitution/Treaty, it will merely mean more manoeuvring by the bureaucrats. The Treaty is already being being implemented because the European Commission doesn't do democracy. Its end of a harmonised EU tied together by myriad rules, regulations and laws justifies the means by which this obtained, namely a stealthy takeover of national jurisdiction without consulting the people - because of course this is all too complicated for us, the people, to understand.

Arms aid

US gives 
arms and aidUS gives arms and aid

Ethiopia is to increase its military spending from $50 million to $400 million in order to fund its two external wars in Eritrea and Somalia.

Eritrea, formally a province of Ethiopia, gained its independence in 1993 after a long guerrilla war; parts of the border was never fixed and the ensuing wars and disputes have often been likened to the trench warfare of the First World War.

Daring Davis

He has dared and WILL win

Fine balance Fine balance
Dr Bob Spink, UKIP's latest acquisition, voted in favour of the 42 day detention plan. Thus he voted with Nulabour and against his old party the Tories. His explanation for this was that -

"he had to consider his 8,000 constituents who work in London, the front line of the terrorist threat".

But when Spink left the Tories for UKIP it would seem this group of his constituents were not the main reason for the move. In fact it is hard to see how any of his constituents played a part in the process, as he was expelled from the Tory Party. Also Dr Spink said that, along with many other MPs of all parties, he would be -

Lisbon referendum appeal

broken promisebroken promise
Stuart Wheeler was granted a judicial review against the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary regarding their refusal to hold a referendum on whether the Lisbon Treaty should be ratified.This will be held on the 9th and 10th June.

The government has employed two QCs, one of whom is the most expensive in the UK. Despite being a rich man Mr Wheeler needs financial help as this is a very expensive case. Donate now by going to his website and help him fight for democracy.