June 2008

Things cannot get worse

or can they?

It was this week that the Telegraph published an article with the headline - Zimbabwe's last white farmer forced to quit see HERE

Also this week in a plan which has, by some of my friends, been mischievously described as being the end of the white male worker, we see the dead hand of Nulabour heavy-weight, Harriet Harman (see right); and the Times, with the headline, Harriet Harman unruffled as her Equality Bill is met with pride and prejudice see HERE

It was also this week that we had the Henley by-election, here the wishes of a psychopathic bully and a scary social engineer counted for nothing. It was all down to the voter and his, or her, preferences or prejudices.

Green McCarthyism

Green GordonGreen Gordon

I have to keep reading articles such as this one from the Daily Mail. See here.
I have to keep checking this information because it is so hard to believe that all of our main parties adhere to a policy that is so utterly mad. The following is from the article by Christopher Booker.

We must meet a target set by the EU, which requires Britain within the next 12 years to generate 38 per cent of our electricity from 'renewable' energy sources.

At present, barely 1 per cent of this country's power comes from the 2,000 wind turbines already built - less than the output of a single conventional power station.

That is why, in response to the EU's requirements, the Government is today publishing its plans for a massive new drive to build thousands more turbines, at the staggering cost of £100 billion. To comply with the EU's wishes, we would actually need to build at least 30,000 turbines.
a little winda little wind

In fact, as the Government knows, there is not the remotest chance that we can meet that EU target, which is why it talks about building only 10,500 new turbines - 7,000 offshore, another 3,500 across our countryside.

UN and EU - crocodile tears

Thabo and BobThabo and BobThe EU saw absolutely 'no problem' with Robert Mugabe attending the Africa/EU summit last December, despite the EU travel ban on him visiting all 27 EU countries.

The Zimbabwean Minister of the Environment and Tourism is chairman of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development. The UN's website tells us that, during his current appointment, Francis Nhema has been instrumental in establishing several Trans-frontier Conservation Areas between Zimbabwe and its neighbours. He has won several awards for his conservation efforts and outstanding public services. See here. This year Robert Mugabe attended and spoke at the U.N. summit in Rome to combat hunger.

So, horrendous atrocities are being committed in Zimbabwe, inflation is similar to that of 1920's Germany, people are starving and only now do the unelected Javier Solana, the EU's High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, and Ban Ki-moon make tough speeches about the situation in Zimbabwe.

No doubt Nelson Mandela will have a (deserved) love fest for his 90th birthday yet manage to say not a word about Thabo Mbeke's silence on Zimbabwe.

No rush

Archived Stop Press article

'Sir' Robert Mugabe 'Sir' Robert Mugabe
Take your time, no rush. Today, 26th June 2008, we learn two things. One that Robert Mugabe has been stripped of his knighthood. And two that Nelson Mandela thinks that there is suffering in Zimbabwe due to "a tragic failure of leadership". The first point, the knighthood, was awarded to Mugabe in 1994 but removed today because of Zimbabwe's record of human rights' abuses. As far back as 1980 the violence used by Mugabe's supporters was widely reported. So there is a question mark hanging over the award in the first place. Equally there is a question as to why Mandela waited so long before making his comments. Perhaps the violent struggle in Zimbabwe brings back memories of conflict between the ANC and Mangosuthu Buthelezi and his IFP? There's always many dead before peace breaks out in Africa. Also, a tragic failure of leadership could apply to President Thabo Mbkei too, so best keep quiet.

Do They Work For You?

MEPs skip work - a German view

Politicians and bureaucrats in the European Union - many of whom are unelected have tried to belittle and dismiss
the Irish NO vote on the Lisbon Treaty. President Sarkozy using somewhat intemperate language typified opinion in Brussels:
They [the Irish] are bloody fools. They have been stuffing their faces at Europe's expense for years and now they dump us in the s***."
Nicolas Sarkozy, French President (Times, 20 June)
These are our leaders now.

Posted on EU Referendum

The EU hierarchy are now trying to bully other nations to ratify the treaty quickly. Please write to Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, offering him your support and letting him know he is not alone, despite the immense pressure he is under from other EU leaders to continue to ratify the Treaty regardless of the Irish no vote.

You can contact him here: topolanek.mirek@vlada.cz

How Europe betrays the poor

Poverty in your name

Your unelected 
leadersYour unelected leaders

I recently heard Peter Mandelson refute Sarkozy's plea for more protectionism in order to save starving babies in Africa by claiming that his negotiations at the Doha round would result in Free Trade with the Third world and this would prevent starvation in Africa. Read the following article by NEIL O’BRIEN Director, Open Europe in December 2005. He explains how the EU and its unelected commissioners DO help starve babies in Africa and how to change this situation. By the way Open Europe is very optimistic and actually thinks that the EU can be reformed! Who bets the article will still be relevant for this year's talks?
Doha began in 2001 and no doubt will end in failure this year. The US is blamed for many things, it amazes me that the EU still claims, with very little criticism, the high moral ground.
Neil O'Brien says that there may never be a deal on the Doha round. For this the EU (and in particular its Trade Commissioner, Peter Mandelson) is largely to blame.

Truth is relative- that's official

Archived Stop Press article

Mintrue bossMintrue boss

The Daily Mail tells us that truth is stranger than fiction.

Here is a description of the Ministry of Truth in 1984.

We are "Minitrue". In our ministry, we are concerned with news, entertainment, education and the fine arts.
In "Minitrue", we have a department called the Records of Department. This is where we change history when something does not seem right, when event has happened, that should not have, or when a person "doublethinks". (Doublethinking is when you have a thought that goes against the Party). We do this so our Party looks good and we do not want people talking about what has happened in the past because we want the past to look good and have a positive impact that goes along with the Party's standards. Other people would like to say that we are a ministry that lies, but we that is not the case. We like to change the past just so it could be interesting to read, not dull and boring.

Margot Wallstrom is the Commissar for Communications in the EU, full title Vice-President of the commission and commissioner for internal relations and communication.) She is no stranger to sneaky editing see here.

The reasons for the fourth Anglo-Afghan war - discuss

A level - general studies

Remnants of an armyRemnants of an army

The image shows the painting - Remnants of an Army' by Elizabeth Butler portraying William Brydon arriving at the gates of Jalalabad as the only survivor of a 16,500 strong evacuation from Kabul in January 1842.

Afghanistan now provides the 90% of the world's opium and 80% of the world's heroin. In the 10 years since 1996 the output has trebled. The farmers receive a tiny percentage of what the traffickers get so even when growing poppy they are not growing rich. Without this crop they can survive only with difficulty. The Independent tells us here
that - The governor of Helmand, Engineer Mohammed Daoud, claims to have eradicated 7,000 hectares of poppy this year. But even that modest claim is disputed."The real figure is about 1,000 hectares," one Western source said. "The district elders just followed the eradication teams around handing out wads of money. Sometimes the teams just drove a single tractor through the field and announced that they had eradicated it."

The thin edge of the Wedge

Who's the underdog?

Jude BuntingJude BuntingIsn't it time we had a look at our legal system? Civil Rights lawyers are meant to uphold our civil rights. Judges are meant to give sensible judgements - not simply keep to the letter of the law. In that case we may as well use computers. The acknowledged dangerous terrorist, Abu Qatada, is released on under house arrest. He cannot be sent to Jordan in case his human rights are compromised but he is allowed to organise and recruit in his cosy, taxpayer funded London home. Or, is his home bugged? I doubt it as this would also compromise his human rights. Our jails are full of heroin yet our soldiers are dying in Helmand province to try to control drugs which fund the Taleban.

A pretty businesswoman, Sarah Des Rosiers has been dragged through the courts at great expense to herself and ordered to pay a frumpy Muslim called Bushra Noah, £4,000. This was obviously a set up. Ms Noah had tried 25 hairdressers and had been refused a job. Who bets that Ms Desrosiers was the only one unfortunate enough to mention the headscarf? Bingo said Noah and friends and trooped off to the nearest friendly legal aid department..


Own goal?

Burnham fails fitness test

Ready for Mr Burnham Ready for Mr Burnham
Any thing's possible, so they say. While MPs from all parties in the House of Commons have expressed their opposition to the 42 detention legislation there is a lingering doubt about some of the support for David Davis. Are some of the more rubber-necked Nulabour types thinking that in supporting Davis they are wrong-footing David Cameron? Others take a less subtle approach and seem to put the boot in.

Take Andy Burnham for example, he is the member for the Leigh constituency of Greater Manchester and The Culture Secretary so sits in the Cabinet.