March 2008

Not our fault

It was the EU that done it

Your taxes fund
Anjem ChoudaryYour taxes fund Anjem Choudary

Nu Labour want to detain suspected terrorists for 42 days, yet further imposing restrictions on our civil liberties. However, it has never bothered to control our borders or immigration rates. Yet another rabid Islamist Anjem Choudary, the co-founder of, the now banned, Al-Muhajiroun in Britain is still travelling the country preaching hate whilst living comfortably on state and housing benefits of over £25,000 a year. Abu Hamza was known to be implicated in terrorism in Yemen and nefarious practices at the Regents Park mosque yet was allowed to preach openly with police protection which was estimated to have cost over £1 million and was only grudgingly brought to justice. We cannot deport terrorists because of Human Rights legislation although other EU countries do this with impunity.

Low penalty fraud

ex-Councillor Khanex-Councillor Khan

Eshaq Khan, the Slough Tory Councillor convicted of vote rigging has been banned from public office for 5 years, expelled from the Conservative party and has lost his council seat. He is just one of many fraudsters who have almost been encouraged to manipulate the postal voting system, so childishly easy is this to do. However, it's almost worth doing if this is the only punishment. Being a Councillor brings lots of financial benefits and business opportunities and many suspected electoral frauds are not investigated because it is time consuming and expensive. Surely such a conviction should result in being banned from public life permanently? Also there should be a big fine and most of all imprisonment, if New Labour can find a spare bed, to deter others from making more of our cities a ' disgrace to a banana republic'.
Full story here.

Fitna by Geert Wilders

Geert WildersGeert Wilders

Fitna the video by Geert Wilders could not be put on major internet sites because of threats to employees. The name of Geert Wilders was attached to the knife that was used to murder Theo Van Gogh in 2004 and he has had to have police protection ever since.
Link to the video here for his response.

Save our pubs

200 year old pub demolished200 year old pub demolished
There are still a few iconic sights left in our towns and villages. We have largely lost red telephone boxes, red London buses, independent shops and and second hand bookshops but we still have churches and pubs. The latter are, however, threatened. Pubs are now closing at a rate of two a day. This is three times the rate that it was in 2000. There are reasons such as the smoking ban, drink driving laws and cheap supermarket beer. However, one of the main reasons is demand for housing.

UN chief condemns anti-Islam film

Archived Stop Press article

Hamas TV
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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has strongly condemned the controversial video on Islam made by Dutch MP Geert Wilders, calling it "offensively anti-Islamic". Has Mr. Ban Ki-moon ever mildly criticised Hamas children's TV which teaches young Palestinians how to hate infidels. Perhaps he has but I very much doubt it.

A convenient mistruth?

The availability cascade

dangerous dogdangerous dog

There is a report of a small child mauled by a dog. It is headline news. Hereafter toddlers are frequently mauled by dogs for a while until the press becomes bored. There are then no reported incidents of toddler mauling for a couple of years. Who believes that there have been no attacks for the intervening years? However, when the headlines concern global warming, which has conveniently morphed into climate change, the journalists who write the Armageddon-like headlines do not like to write anything which interferes with the main thrust of their message, even if this is official information.

Army hands it to teachers

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keen classkeen class

There has been a deluge of complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority following the recent vote at the NUT conference to ban military recruitment in schools on the grounds that a forces' career is glamorised. The complaints all allege that newspaper advertisements for the recruitment of teachers falsely glamorise the teaching profession. The children are all attractive, enthusiastic and well behaved, not a truculent face in sight. The teachers are all elegant and have the class spellbound. This, it is alleged by 100% of the claimants, is not a true reflection of life in British schools.
In addition Sgt. Tim Gray from the Army Recruitment Office gave out this statement: Many of our brave recruits would run a mile if told they had to teach a class of 'disaffected' 16 year olds. We greatly admire the stoicism of teachers but couldn't stand the indiscipline. Peuters

Fuel for thought.

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click to enlargebiofuels- click to enlarge

Professor Robert Warson is DEFRA's Chief Scientist and former Chief Scientist and Director for Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development. Rather late in the day, namely several years later than the man in the street, he has realised that biofuels might not be good for the environment. Unfortunately he doesn't advise the Department of Transport who are following EU directives. The Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO) is to introduce 2.5% biofuels at the pumps from 1 April. Hence, both you and I, yet again are being forced to help destroy the environment and food source of those in the developing world. Not only that but the ploughing up of ancient soil, the felling of trees and production and transport costs actually results in more carbon dioxide emissions than are saved by the use of biofuel. We, the public don't get a choice, if we wish to use our cars we have to be part of this environmental rape.

What does your MP do?

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cutting edgecutting edge

Capitalists always justify high incomes and profits on the basis that wealth trickles down. Isn't this what Derek Conway MP did? The fact that he is not going to have a police investigation seems to me irrelevant. If no-one knows whether or not any work was done, then surely the issue is: what is Mr Conway for?

I only know that my MP is still alive because I have seen that he votes in the Commons on 'They work for you'. Perhaps a civil servant could deal with constituency issues like getting your letter put to the top of a council department's list and other pastoral matters.They might even be bothered to write or e-mail to you. Then the numbers of MPs could be cut and the money spent on schoolsandhospitals.

Tibet - going, going, gone?

Culture versus everlasting growth.


The Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) comprises less than half of historic Tibet and was created by China in 1965 for administrative reasons. When Chinese officials and publications use the term "Tibet" they mean only the TAR which corresponds to the region ruled by the 13th Dalai Lama, who declared Tibet an independent republic in 1912.

Tibet is made up of the three provinces of Amdo (now split by China into the provinces of Qinghai, Gansu & Sichuan), Kham (largely incorporated into the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan and Qinghai), and U-Tsang (which, together with western Kham, is today referred to by China as the Tibet Autonomous Region). Tibetans use the term Tibet to mean the three provinces described above, i.e. the area traditionally known as Tibet before the 1949-50 invasion.