July 2007

Poles apart.

Archived Stop Press article

Oh dear!
Oh dear! The town of Reading in Berkshire is to spend £280.000 on an outreach project to see what the new wave of Polish immigrants want. Following WW2 Reading had a large Polish workforce, these would not all have been immigrants in the classic sense, and in the jargon of the times, some were, displaced persons. These people went to work at a variety of jobs and there were signs in their language in some factories. Time moves on and this minority has faded into the general population.You may assume that these new Poles also want jobs, and then lay claim to the £280.000 for yourself. But that would spoil it for others, for the ever eager 'equalities' industry has a few nice salaries lined up here. And our Reading Correspondent, tells us that several bars in the town are, all day long, host to crowds of young Poles. Some years ago on a trip to Poland I could not help notice that Poles are keen on a pivo or two. Our friendly correspondent also reports that the local courts are seeing some of these drinkers being fined.

Bottled water

Archived Stop Press article

lots of bottles
lots of bottles It is frequently stated as obvious that the drinking of vast quantities of bottled water is good for you. Nearly every female celebrity says that she drinks as much as possible. This premise never seems to be questioned. However, is it good for the kidneys to drink copious amounts of water when one is not thirsty?The kidneys have to work harder and essential nutrients may be flushed out. The health issues are probably marginal.It may make no difference to health,but what about the environment? Billions of plastic bottles have to be produced,recycled or disposed of.This takes energy. What of the springs? They are becoming more difficult to find and becoming depleted.

What is wrong with tap water? You, the taxpayer have paid £65 billion since 1997 in order to comply with 3 EU water purification directives this has left only £14 billion to pay for infrastructure (Lord Rooker's reply to a question by Lord Pearson). It has cost over £1,000 per person to get really clean water, so you might as well benefit from your money and help the environment by having a glass of tap water.

Managing Categories and Tags

tee2i uses a simple, non-heirarchical tagging system to classify articles. These act like keywords for the article, and visitors can view lists of articles under certain tags, eg Military.

The words term, category and tag are all used interchangingly.

Adding terms

Terms can be added on the fly when adding or editing an article. Use the Topic field:

Topic terms field

Enter a comma-separated list of topics, for example military, europe, politics, "Labour Party".

Editing terms

If you have sufficient privilege on the site, you can edit existing terms. Click on the 'admin' link in the top right, and select Categories under Content Management.

You will see a list of vocabularies - a set of terms used to categorise content. Click on 'list terms' to the right of the appropriate vocabulary, eg Topic for article nodes. You will see a list of all the terms in that particular vocabulary:

managing a list of terms

Using the rich-text editor to format content

The basics

simple formatting

In order to make certain parts of text bold, italicized or underlined, simply select the text and click on the relevant formatting button.


linking to other pages and sites

To create a link to another page or website, you will need the URL to the page you wish to link to. This can be easily obtained by visiting the page and copying the contents of the address bar at the top of your internet browser window. Once you have the URL, select the text in your content you wish to appear as the textual description for the link, then click the link button.

This replaces 'your text' with:

[url=http://]your text[/url]

You should then insert the URL in place of 'http://', giving something like:

[url=http://example.com]your text[/url]

Teaser and page breaks

These buttons are explained in the Adding and editing content: the basics tutorial.